I’m Good

Hey what’s up

Yeah I’m good thanks

I know, I know I suck

It’s just hard

Ya know

I can’t


I get that,

I feel you

And I was like

All good, all good.

But you don’t know that

“I’m good”

Isn’t true.

I’m the worst.


You’re the worst.

At least for me.


I’m good

I promise this time.


I’m a little high not gonna lie


I just have a soft spot for soft shells

True true nature is full of miracles

Like you


Natural selection is a bad bitch for sure,

Maybe that is why

I’m dead.

Not literally.

But still.

Nothing wrong with that.

xoxo Tessa Rose ❤

p.s. hope you enjoyed the poem! I’m going to start a series this week–stay tuned!

Some poets are better than others

I just read Richard Siken's Crush- and holy God I have never felt so Tumblr
in my life, in the very best way. I highly recommend reading some of his 
poetry, it's truly a step above most other poetry I've come across. 

Anyways, I took a stab at his style and wrote an emulation poem:
 Continue reading 

I’m procrastinating writing a paper by blogging: A never-ending story.

Hey guys! Has anyone ever noticed that whenever you really need to get stuff done, you decide to update your blog instead? FUNNY. That’s what I’m doing right now.

Anyways, I wanted to release a short story I wrote about a girl who goes on a walk in the woods.


I really hope you guys like it, and as always, feel free to message me and critique or ask about the piece!

Meanwhile I have to go back to the real world and do my work or my GPA will literally combust.

xoxo Tessa Rose ❤

P.S. I recommend listening to Igor Stravinsky’s Firebird before you read the story, or while you read- here’s a link. 

Finding a Mate: A survival story

So I have been increasingly annoyed with members of the male gender who tell me they “aren’t looking for anything serious” but still want me and my body. I was going to post a rant about college hookup culture, but I wrote a poem instead.

To the boy with the copper hair:

I can see your lies

and hear your truths.

I can taste your hurt

and feel your heart.

But against mine,

you spoil,

turning my blood sweet

and the pain soothes.

To you, I am just the

girl with the dirty hair.

Free to blacken and

bind to your darkness.

Set fire and set free,

One day I’ll be clean.

xoxo Tessa Rose ❤

A Shell, of Sorts

Heavy eyelids reluctantly open,

Groaning, head pulsing,

Mouth cracked from dehydration.

Dried drool stenches like morning,

Deep-seated sleep deprivation under eyes,

Acid surging into throat, burning.

Dust settles,

And fuzzy faded memories come running.

Life is messy like you,

And these dirty sheets you’ve tangled yourself into.

Why do you never remember the death you chase,

When alcohol takes your face?

cover yourself whole,

and forget.

xx Tessa Rose

HEY I think I’m becoming a poet. This poem was written after a week of bad decisions and a little too much tequila (that stuff…) — my poetry professor has been making us put ourselves in crazy situations like strip naked and stand in a bucket, or put a penny in your mouth and drink orange juice to help us write, and I don’t know if it’s improving my poetry, but it is giving me some interesting perspectives and feelings (nothing is more exposing and vulnerable than standing in a bucket naked). ANYWAYS hope you guys enjoyed this poem, and I wish you all a wonderful week!! ❤

YOOOOO guess who’s back?

Okay okay so I’ve been writing a lot of poetry recently- and given that school is hard and time-consuming, I’m going to release a poem a week. ALSO get hyped for a short story called Firebird coming soon.

Anyways, here’s a poem for y’all:


Nature Documentaries of the 21st Century

Remember the universe?

Where God gives

And naked life has

A ferocious heart and flowering belly.

We are born the sacred child of time.

Wild surrounds, trusting.

But dark desires dirty good,

Steel and smoke bleeds our green,

Broken, needing breath.

but men devour.



This poem came to me just after going to Les Saisons, a nature documentary that is a part of the International Film Festival, at the University of Colorado, and was filled with “humans are dooming the natural world” sort of dread after watching the piece (which was quite good, I recommend). Moral of the story: climate change is real, death is eminent, and humans suck.

Have a delightful day, and hope you enjoyed the poetry!

xx Tessa Rose ❤


p.s. If any of you have advice for me to improve my poetry, message me! I’m still working on honing in on my skills in poetry, and would appreciate the feedback!

Blogging is hard, life is busy, etc etc

Hey guys!

Sorry for the long absence, school just started up and life ot way busy with settling in and moving back into my apartment. I will be posting soon.

One side note: I was thinking of posting the current novel I’m writing in segments on this blog, like a chapter a month or something, since I am not really planning on trying to publish it. If y’all are interested, let me know.

I’ll be more consistent (hopefully) from now on and will be posting soon.

❤ Tessa Rose

Just a reminder.

Hey guys!

So, as I’m working on the format of my blog, I decided to include a page of a few completed works I’ve already done. So, go check out the “List of Finished Works” page, but for your convenience (and interest), here are the synopses for the two short stories I’ve put up so far:

Champagne, Fame, and other Drugs: 

Hallie is a rising actress, and tonight, she walks the red carpet of the famed Oscars for the first time. She has never truly known how reliving and fitting the shine of hundreds of flashing cameras and cheering crowds could feel. No one thought she could do it, her parents, society, herself, but here she is, lucky nad deserving. But, something isn’t quite right, and Hallie begins to distrust the nature of her victory. As the night drags on, Hallie begins to realize the truth behind her world. Who knew stars could feel so cold. 

Who knew the stars could feel so cold?

Read here.


The Grey Space:

Maria used to be a good girl. She went to church, did all her chores, and was always home before dark. But after she turned old enough for her mother to abandon her without feeling guilty, the good girl life was no longer fitting for Maria. To save her herself and her family, she must steal her way out of debt from Mr. Marcello, the trusting arms Maria flung herself into to find some purpose in a bleak world. But the cost of her crimes is steeper than she realizes, and Maria begins to regret ever leaving the good girl behind. 

Read here.

Daily Scrabbles: Day One

Given the new year and new resolutions, I decided to start doing daily (ish) writing prompts, courtesy of Think Written. So, it back and enjoy watching me struggle to conform to the daily prompt writing structure.

Outside the Window:

White descended from the heavens igniting the forest in bright sunless light. Speckles of snowflakes down poured onto pine, crowning them in snow. The gray skies endless emptied their cold flurries into the world outside my window, making the fire feel warmer and the roof above me feel safer. The winter world outside raged on, working their way to penetrate the windows and walls to storm the indoors with their frigid terror.

Maybe it was the knowledge that I wouldn’t stand any chance against the white wintered storm if it wasn’t for wooden walls caging me in, but watching the white fall invoked a warm tingle to travel through my body, reminding me of which side of the walls I was on.

I imagined myself out there without my wooden walls, struggling to stomp through the snow without it swallowing me whole. My face would blister from the wind as I would stuff my nose inwards under layers of wool. Ice would freeze my eyelashes together, and stick to my skin. Fingers and toes would go numb, and slowly, my body would freeze in the middle of wintered forest, frosted and after a few hours, topped with a delicate layer of glowing snow.

Thank god for civilization.

P.S. It is actually dumping at my parents’ house right now, and I’m starting to think we might get snowed in. I’d be mildly annoyed if it wasn’t for warm fires, purring cats and delicious hot cocoa.

Stay warm,

Tessa Rose.

A new year. New resolutions.

This last year has been a big one for me, I started my first novel and finished two short stories. But, every new year comes with new motivations and aspirations. This year, I am looking further into my future as it rapidly approaches. So like everyone else, here is my resolutions for 2017:

1. Finish at least one novel, edited and all. 

This last year I got a really good start on my latest novel, so this is kinda expected to happen. But, the sooner I finish one, the sooner I can start another one! I’ll update y’all soon on that project. 😉

2. Make more connections with amazing people in the writing community. 

There are so many blogs and brilliant minds in so many dark recesses of the internet, and I want to know ALL of them. (Help me?)

3. Write EVERYday. 

Pretty sure this on every writer’s new years resolution list. Look it up.

4. Read one book a month. 

One FUN book a month. I read enough for school, but I need to let myself enjoy reading the books I love. (Any recommendations?)

Alright. Let’s get busy.


P.S. Considering the train wreck that was 2016, I really hope everyone has a great year this year. Let’s all put positive energy in the world and effort to create positive change in the world, shall we?