A Poetic Series: NOSTALGIA pt.1

I’ve always been a writer rather than a poet at heart–and I recently joyfully discovered prose poetry. (Maggie Nelson’s Bluets is a fantastic example–a definite must-read!) I’ve decided to partake in a miniseries running three weeks with three “thought poems” in the form of little paragraphs a week. Each week will have a new theme and new poems!

This week is NOSTALGIA- everything and anything that makes you miss the good old days. THIS IS PART ONE. Parts two and three will come later this week!

  1. When I was in middle school, I wrote a fairy tale about an ordinary girl who saved the day. Typical. My best friend told me it was stupid and that I should learn to grow up. Years later, I wished I didn’t have to as I wrote yet another fantastical story about magical worlds. Funny how the more you grow up the more you crave childhood, and when we are young all we want to be is old. Sometimes I wonder if Disney movies are actually targeted towards bitter adults instead of unknowing kids.

xoxo Tessa Rose ❤

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