Some poets are better than others

I just read Richard Siken's Crush- and holy God I have never felt so Tumblr
in my life, in the very best way. I highly recommend reading some of his 
poetry, it's truly a step above most other poetry I've come across. 

Anyways, I took a stab at his style and wrote an emulation poem:

You and Me, Inverted.

By: Tessa Piehl

Facing the intersection of your hair and the cold outside I stop. He sits pretty,

smiling sideways,

piercing the veil between what is and what isn’t. I always get those confused–

There on the ground lays my bed sheets, twisting slowly

you grab them. One kiss sideways with those lights of yours glowing with a mix of

Desire and hate.

Like that time we stood in the cereal aisle for hours, trying to decide with box we wanted,

taking time. I wanted sweet and you wanted dry,

I could also shred your throat with my words.

Shredding you,

Shutting me out.

You take it and turn it backwards, making my neck hurt more. Your side is wrong

And mine is left.

Another kiss, this one frontways with mouths melting and

hearts bending.

Overturned and basked in your holy light.

It was 5 a.m. when you dragged me from your bed, and out to your car

where we rode for miles until our skin turned to mush and our lungs were full of exhaust.

The radio repeating songs we both hated.

We molded perfectly together that night.

Sometimes I lay awake, not thinking of you, but imaging

what’d we create in this;

the in-between.

One last kiss, this one upside down, and you call me dry.

I was sick on you, and you

sick of me.

One kiss to the right, and we

are gone. Shredded, cold

And you leave like you came, from the side, never facing front,

never really real.

xoxo Tessa Rose ❤

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