Just a reminder.

Hey guys!

So, as I’m working on the format of my blog, I decided to include a page of a few completed works I’ve already done. So, go check out the “List of Finished Works” page, but for your convenience (and interest), here are the synopses for the two short stories I’ve put up so far:

Champagne, Fame, and other Drugs: 

Hallie is a rising actress, and tonight, she walks the red carpet of the famed Oscars for the first time. She has never truly known how reliving and fitting the shine of hundreds of flashing cameras and cheering crowds could feel. No one thought she could do it, her parents, society, herself, but here she is, lucky nad deserving. But, something isn’t quite right, and Hallie begins to distrust the nature of her victory. As the night drags on, Hallie begins to realize the truth behind her world. Who knew stars could feel so cold. 

Who knew the stars could feel so cold?

Read here.


The Grey Space:

Maria used to be a good girl. She went to church, did all her chores, and was always home before dark. But after she turned old enough for her mother to abandon her without feeling guilty, the good girl life was no longer fitting for Maria. To save her herself and her family, she must steal her way out of debt from Mr. Marcello, the trusting arms Maria flung herself into to find some purpose in a bleak world. But the cost of her crimes is steeper than she realizes, and Maria begins to regret ever leaving the good girl behind. 

Read here.


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