Daily Scrabbles: Day One

Given the new year and new resolutions, I decided to start doing daily (ish) writing prompts, courtesy of Think Written. So, it back and enjoy watching me struggle to conform to the daily prompt writing structure.

Outside the Window:

White descended from the heavens igniting the forest in bright sunless light. Speckles of snowflakes down poured onto pine, crowning them in snow. The gray skies endless emptied their cold flurries into the world outside my window, making the fire feel warmer and the roof above me feel safer. The winter world outside raged on, working their way to penetrate the windows and walls to storm the indoors with their frigid terror.

Maybe it was the knowledge that I wouldn’t stand any chance against the white wintered storm if it wasn’t for wooden walls caging me in, but watching the white fall invoked a warm tingle to travel through my body, reminding me of which side of the walls I was on.

I imagined myself out there without my wooden walls, struggling to stomp through the snow without it swallowing me whole. My face would blister from the wind as I would stuff my nose inwards under layers of wool. Ice would freeze my eyelashes together, and stick to my skin. Fingers and toes would go numb, and slowly, my body would freeze in the middle of wintered forest, frosted and after a few hours, topped with a delicate layer of glowing snow.

Thank god for civilization.

P.S. It is actually dumping at my parents’ house right now, and I’m starting to think we might get snowed in. I’d be mildly annoyed if it wasn’t for warm fires, purring cats and delicious hot cocoa.

Stay warm,

Tessa Rose.


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